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Despite recent slick public relations efforts to portray a tranquil "good life" community, successive Boards beginning in 2007 managed to tarnish Sun City's image by greatly diminishing the quality of the Association's governance. Those troubling events coincided with the Association's election of its first all-member Board of Directors in 2007. To the dismay of homeowners, the transition to all-member boards foreshadowed additional episodes of wrongdoing in the following years. Continuing up to the present time, successive Boards have failed to fully embrace good governance practices, in the process providing homeowners with a disappointing legacy of flawed leadership.


Our forthcoming e-book, Paradise Lost: The Sun City Anthem Story, tells the story of three of the most egregious episodes of Board misconduct occurring over the period from 2007 to 2012. If we were to consider the intervening years, including the years from 2012 to 2016, it would be fair to conclude that successive Boards had engaged in some form of misconduct, including efforts to cover up evidence of past misconduct, going on nine years. To my mind, that's an unparalleled and unworthy achievement.


In order to understand why such episodes got started in 2007 and did not occur in the community's first nine years since 1999, earlier Boards had been composed of one or more Developer representatives. The last Developer appointed representative, Dea McDonald, sat on the 2006-07 Board. As long as at least one Developer representative sat on the Association's Board, that fact precluded any opportunity for directors to engage in mischief or outright misconduct, even though a majority of the Board's members consisted of unit owners beginning in 2005. The 2007 election produced the first all-member Board. And with that result, as reported to the community in our SCA View newsletters and in Paradise Lost: The Sun City Anthem Story, members of the 2007 Board implemented a plan to fabricate a key metric of the Villa reserves database. They did so in order to bring about the production of a false "look-back" reserve study for the transition year ending 31 May 2005. That "look-back" reserve study was designed to relieve the Association of any liability from future claims by Villa owners for additional transition reserves and equitable relief that had been guaranteed those owners by the terms of a legally binding Settlement Agreement entered into between Pulte/Del Webb and the Association.


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Fourteen chapters of the e-book have been posted to a dedicated website and may be read by clicking on that site's home page here. Additional chapters will be posted in the coming months. Readers interested in learning how I came to write this e-book can read the e-book's "Acknowledgments" section by clicking here.