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The Specific Purposes of the Corporation, The SCA View-Journal, Inc., Articles of Incorporation


The specific purpose for which this Corporation is organized under the Nonprofit Corporaation for Public Benefit law under NRS Chapter 82 is to provide educational and related services specifically designed to improve the quality of life of seniors in the age-qualified Nevada chartered common-interest ownership communities of Sun City and Solera at Anthem, Henderson, NV including but not limited to:

Public Education.  We use email and a community supported website to inform the public about our services for seniors in matters of the fine arts (music and art), science, national and foreign affairs, community news and commentary;


Research. We have conducted online surveys using the Web. We also search the Web for information of interest to seniors;


Outreach. We use email and the Web to raise public awareness around community issues, and to engage potential supporters in our organization's efforts;


Communications. We use email and the Web to communicate with members of the communities we serve. We also use email and Web to receive information requests and inquiries from the public;


Information Dissemination.  We use email and the Web to send information in a time and cost efficient manner in ways that are not practical with traditional mail. We send information as soon as it is produced to users who specifically elect to receive it;


Data Sharing.  We use our website to provide analysis and data on community matters. In many instances this analysis and data is not provided to the public;


Archiving. We use online databases to store and make available to users historical information;


Advocacy. Email and the Web are used to get information promoting our mission to local community policy makers and the public, as well as to encourage the public to volunteer their services in behalf of the community and to become involved and participate in community affairs and governance;


Empowerment. We encourage and enable the public to share their ideas, commentary, art works and literary talents for publication on our website;  

Information Assistance.  We use email and the Web to provide specific information to individuals requesting assistance; and


Public charity. We use email and the Web to support the efforts of the Sun City Anthem Community Service Club through the Sun City formed The Minuteman Foundation [name changed to Foundation Assisting Seniors, Inc.], a 501(c)(3) public charity that supports the needy in our community.