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Below is a listing of other SCA websites and, or e-mail subscription providers. You may access the provider's main or home page by clicking on the provider's active Link below. Some of these providers also offer residents an opportunity to post comments.


1. The SCA Community Association's website. This homeowner-only access website provides official information and documents relating to association business and activities. Those wishing to be included in the Association's e-mail service (e-blasts) must first register to gain access to their website: If you already have permission to access their website, follow the steps in (1) below. On the other hand, if you do not have permission to access their website, you will need to follow the steps in (2) below. Note, the Association's website also provides a separate link to a "Message Board," where registered users may post comments.

  1. If you have website access, click on the Link: COMMUNICATIONS. When the pop-up menu appears, click on the Link: E-Blasts, which is at the top of the menu. Next, you will need to follow the instruction on that page in order to sign up to receive the e-blasts.

  2. If you do not have website access, you will first need to register. To do so, follow these instructions:

    • Click on this Link:

    • In the Menu bar at the top of the page, click on RESIDENT LOGIN

    • Fill out the RESIDENT LOG-IN REQUEST form.

    • Once you have gained permission to access the association’s website, proceed to (1) above and follow the directions in order to receive the Association's e-blasts, or to post comments on the Message Board.

2. Anthem Opinions, principle operator, Dick Arendt. This site provides information, asks your opinions and entertains. To subscribe, see instructions on the site's main page, or click on their subscription link:

3. Anthem Today, principle operator, Rana Goodman. This site encourages comments and invites clubs, committees and special interests groups to send in announcements anytime for posting. Their e-mail address is: To register to post comments or to subscribe, see instructions on site's main page.

4. Anthem Voice, principle operator, Robert Frank. This site focuses on Board policies, Real Estate Division enforcement actions and other homeowner governance matters.

5. David's Anthem Journal, principle operator, David Berman. This site provides timely news, information and offers opinions about SCA. To subscribe, see instructions on the site's main page.

Anthem Opinions